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Divine Feminine Collection

celebrating the Goddess within offering 

activating lightcodes of sacred geometry and visions that bring you the Magical playfulness of Creation herself.

click on any image to view complete image

Artwork is available for purchase in a variety of mediums. to inquire use the chat option

To view more collections click Visionary Art and choose from galleries 

Rainbow Sprite
Cosmic Creatrix
Supernova Queen
Inner Flame
Swirling Flame
Web of a star
Blossoming Star
Sacred reflection
Winged Mirage
Moon's escape
Starseed Station
Blooming wonder
Seeds to be sewn
Dream Weaver
Soul Seed Reunion
Reef's edge
Spring Forth
Loves Toroidal Well
Yoke of Vitality
Embracing Chi
Kiss of Conception
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