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Tethered Souls

Twin Flame, Twin Rays, Twins Souls, Soul Mates and other Cosmic Tethered Souls often find themselves on a confusing and tumultuous path.  This is a remarkable endeavor of inevitable enlightenment, astounding courage, unparalleled compassion and undeniable relinquishment to their Souls capacity to embody its grandest version and fulfill its purpose in this chosen lifetime. 


"Me as a We" becomes the surrendering truth that fuels the success of the union through a personal exploration of transforming ones inner "shadow lands" into the illuminated presence of  impeccable integrity.


Navigating such an epic opportunity is a profoundly challenging endeavor. the extremes are riveting, the passion is electrifying, the intensities are breathtaking and the mysteries of magnetism are absolutely  sensational. Those currently in such relations that have mastered the union will all agree that every suspenseful twist and turn of events cultivated a precious attunement that forged their sacred unity. There is no road map, manual or rule book, but there are mentors and guides that have been compelled to hold the intention to serve  others who have discovered themselves seeking clarity, tools, encouragement and support.   

 Choose from a 60 or 90 minute session to begin.


 * Packages of 4 or 8 sessions are offered for those interested in a deeper dive into their personal empowerment 

* see our Group events & Classes Page for more options to explore & connect

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