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Timeline Triangulation


Timeline Triangulation reveals precise insights that each individual holds deep within, but has yet to access in the present moment.  This empowering process allows one to accept, integrate & discern what is necessary for the next step in their personal evolution.


This approach activates healing through the imbued lessons held in ones past, utilizing them as catalysts for current intentions & desires, yet unlike other practices, here you are guided to contemplate the inherent wisdom of your fully illuminated self. This pure perspective holds the sacred keycodes that you were born with. Accessing this profound frequency allows one to complete the triangulation with true coherence.  

Most significantly is embracing the realization that it is safe to be who you truly are. By claiming your absolute authentic self with graceful integrity,  one begins to transform their shadows into light through the utilization of specific harmonizing intentions. Every quantum leap you achieve requires the relinquishment of attachments to out dated perspectives & belief systems that masked and downplayed your unique strengths & gifts. 


It is safe for the blooming Soul within you to excel through courageous self refection. You will recognize this when your heart validates that what you are reading is a truth it already knows.

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