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 The Lightbody Lifestyle was inspired through my hearts desire to

empower the connection to ones Sacred Self

through a Customized, holistic approach that organically reveals your pure authentic expression.

each path is unique & inevitably ignites the signature gifts & strengths you were designed to share with the world. 

I am an optimal wellbeing specialist & transformational Guide for those seeking to anchor into their soul level connection & Life purpose.

My services include personalized daily self care dedications, Clarifying Guidance within a safe space for individuals, leadership teams & focus groups.

I co-create webinars, classes, workshops & retreats that inspire the discovery of depth of ones True and Divine Self with integrity, compassion & grace.

~ Carlotta Jay



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My Story & Educational background


Like many of those whom I now dedicate my life to, as a young child, life was full of intense challenges, extreme and wide ranging trauma & trespasses. I share the following (a select few incidences) only to allow those who have endured the depths of the distorted human endeavor to know I have traversed the gauntlet of wickedness yet thrive today, purposeful and stronger for what those years had been preparing me for. That is, of course, to be in service to the Beauty within you. If you are sensitive to details, I recommend you skipping the next two paragraphs. 


At the age of seven I was sexually assaulted by a "friend" of the family. I was too young to comprehend the event but was graced with an incredible gift just as the phase of overwhelm began. In this moment, an inner knowing guided me to leave my physical body. Through stillness, I immediately accessed an astoundingly blissful place of pure harmonic energy. Each time this person imposed themself, I went out of body. My experience in this energetic space was so alleviating that it made returning into my body extremely difficult. I would "wake" alone, bruised and confused.  A year later, we moved away from this individual, but from that point on I spontaneously experienced bi locating and Astro projecting without even understanding that others did not experience this as normal.  Each time I went out of body, I became more hypersensitive to the human experience. I found solace in wilderness, captivated with its beauty & peacefulness. I desired to be immersed within it as much as possible and spent much of the time exploring & communing with the animal kingdom where words were not necessary. The one friendly face I knew was my only sibling, a precious younger sister

When introduced into the public school system, it was difficult to interact with others because I felt the conflict carried within others. I felt the essence of their hearts, but no one, adult or child, was living fully from this place. School was less volatile than home life where alcoholism & domestic violence was rampant. Being in a classroom felt like just another stage where masks were being was all chaos energetically. I remained reclusive, uninterested in the myriad of constructs & conditioning imposed by the external environment. At age 10 a group of neighborhood boys took me into the woods and each took their turn with me, while the others held me down. I was unable to remain calm, I fought until once again, I left the body. I was devastated by the experience. If I understood one truth, it was that humanity was disconnected from their hearts and placed itself in opposition with the limitless beauty and timelessness of Creation. This was the unspoken self sabotaging illusion everyone seemed to be under.  A dark spell I as a child did not know how to break which tore at my heart. 

I ran away and ended up foster care by the age of 11, soon to be hurled into military life with a man I was told was my father, but had no memory of whatsoever. I was terrified of him at first, expecting him to be the next perpetrator I would face. To my relief, he was a decent man, albeit emotionally frigid. Living abroad afforded me a taste of the world, other cultures and a life of regiment. I thrived in this environment, due to its structure, but felt a deep detachment to others and lived with a relentless anguish from the separation from my sister.  

By the age of 14, my sister joined my father and I. The level of anticipation was immense yet fleeting as our eyes met. My heart broke into a million pieces. The purest, sweetest soul I had ever know had dissolved into a frail ghost.  Her light had vanished. The years subjected in my mother's mayhem had stolen her spirit. Within a few moths she was diagnosed with multiple personalities. Less than a year later, she was labeled schizophrenic, then manic depressive, then bi-polar...the list just kept growing. I knew all of these labels were connected to (and a result from) the inability to cope with the unhealthy environment we had been being raised in. She needed a safe place, not a life sentence of disorder or disfunction. It was apparent that the "health care" system sought only to keep her drugged to the point of lethargy with suicidal tendencies (for 4 decades to come). I became driven towards "debunking" these labels & discovering a way to empower her. Soon after, in a high school program, I began mentoring special needs children. The experience with my sister had refined my ability to sense, discern & connect with children that had been discredited.  I realized that when they felt truly recognized & validated they were encouraged to express genuinely & their confidence began to grow.  I continue to work with high risk teens and individuals with post traumatic stress disorder today. 

By the age of eighteen I found myself mirroring the footsteps of my mother. Pregnant, in an extremely abusive marriage to an Southern preacher's son, and completely isolated. Religion wasn't a part of my upbringing.  Growing up I was under the impression that people of faith were loving, compassionate and kind. My experience was anything but that. I became his property and had no sovereignty whatsoever. I was told what to wear, was not allowed to cut my hair, was not allowed to have friends outside the church, pin laundry on a clothes line or check the mail unless given permission to. I became a prisoner in my own home. My father had been deployed to Iran, my sister was floating between wayward friends and I stood stranded, without any resources, friends or path ahead. Motherhood had made the luxury of going out of body impossible. I was at my breaking point, realizing I had broken the 1st promise I ever made to myself. I swore I would never raise a child in a toxic environment, yet the chaos of the world had consumed me like a fancy desert. My only connection to joy was my 2yr old son. The relentless pace of shifting life circumstances had happened so fast that I had lost my footing, I had lost my sense of inner knowing, I had lost myself. At the age of 21 in my darkest desperation, I cried out for a safe place in the world for us, despite learning that the universe had an ironic sense of humor and no justice to speak of. I had to do something, I had to do everything in my power to break free, for my son's sake, for my life's sake. There was only one person to call.  I dialed my mother's phone number with trembling fingers not knowing whether she would even recognize my voice. But like all mothers, she recognized the immense distress and embraced me with Grace's light. I fled the South in the middle of the night, cradling in my arms my precious son, with literally nothing but the clothes on my back and a backpack full of baby supplies. 

Through the divorce procedure I was awarded sole custody of my child & a life long protection order against my ex husband and his immediate family. After hearing the threats left by my sons father (with his parents praying in tongues in the background) left on my mother's answering machine, the judge placed me into a state funded protection program that kept my name & whereabouts undisclosed for 4 years. This program included state assistance, PTSD counselling & a 2 year scholarship for collage education. This phase of my life was spent in deep personal reclamation while navigating college & being a single parent. It was during this time my sister and I learned we had been adopted by the man we had been told was our biological father.  In fact he was neither of our father. This added yet another layer of complex emotional confusion & trust issues to unravel. It took years to purge the fear & lack of trust from my veins, but slowly, very slowly, I began to feel myself again.  In my 4th year of college I was given a book from a mentor who said "Read this, it will help you remember what you are". It was called The Celestine Prophecy & reflected in very basic terms the energetic dynamics I had always knew deep within me. I was elated to learn that there actually were others experiencing the world as I once knew it. It dawned on me that I had been become lost in briers the illusionary Maya, just like all the other humans I had witnessed as a child. It was then that I remembered the angelic visitation in my bedroom at the age of 4. The essence of this being was one of pure innocence. After countless hours of contemplation & deep meditation I experienced my first heart activation at the age of 28.


Life had shifted quite a bit at that point. I had begun my private practice as a Somatic and Neuromuscular Therapist for Microsoft's private wellness facility. I had the blessing of becoming a sponsored snowboarder, life felt more functional & whole than ever before. Just when I was gaining positive momentum then the next major traumatic event occurred.  I was with a small group of friends in the backcountry on a lush powder day, following the pack through the trees. This was new terrain for me, but knew the others were experts familiar with this mountain. Before I knew it, all I could see was treetops. Our route launched us off a 50 ft cliff that I was not prepared for. Landing incorrectly, I immediately went out of body into the pure white essence of calm, peaceful harmony. There was no pain, no concern, just Loving energy. I recognized this place. My first thought was "wait a minute! I was having a blast snowboarding! How did I get here?" As my body lay still, my friends began to panic. They had gathered around me to check my vitals. I was limp & completely non responsive. Two went on to get help, the rest became increasingly emotionally distraught. I was witnessing the scene from above, but could not get into my body. I felt their emotions as if they were mine. I wanted to assure them I was okay, but every effort to wiggle my toes or fingers failed. One of my friends began to cry saying "what am I going to tell her son? This is our fault, we brought her here!" This created a massive determination within me, I had to sit up, I had to show them everything was going to be okay. I focused on my toes once again, counted to three & was finally able to feel the inside of my boots. "Awesome! I told myself, now my fingers, one... two... three... nothing. Stay clam, I told myself, I can do this and began to count again one... two... three. I had gloves on inside my mittens & this time I felt a tiny bit of texture. Fantastic! Now lets open up my eyes. One... two... three... nothing." Focusing my attention with all my might I managed to open my eyes, but only saw a foggy blur. Then shapes began to form, like a kaleidoscope. I had goggles on that had a reflective finish, so no one even noticed I was back! I went to sit up but couldn't. So once again I focused & counted one... two... three... Boom! Up I sprung, creating a group gasp & dumbfounded look on everyone's face. "I'm okay! I proclaimed "Honest! I'm okay, Help me up!" Confusion covered my friends tear streamed faces, they didn't know what to make of it, so I demanded "guys, seriously! help me up!  Just as the ski patrol arrived, I was pulled upright, still strapped in. I felt no pain, was completely coherent & determined to reassure everyone everything was fine. I knew they wouldn't understand leaving the body, so I just started down the trail back to the lodge. Daylight was fading & the pack was hungry & shaken from the event.  One of my best buddies was not buying that I was unscathed. "We should go to the ER & get you checked out, that was crazy! You were out for at least 15 minutes, I'm not leaving your side" he announced as they dropped me off at my house.  My son had spent the day at the neighbors for a birthday sleepover.  I assured him I was fine, but he was adamantly convinced otherwise. He insisted on pulling the cushions off my couch to make a bed for himself on the floor next to my bed.  The next morning I woke but to my surprise, I could not sit up, I couldn't feel my arms or hands, they wouldn't move. I was rushed to the ER to learn I had broken my neck. My C-6 vertebrae had shattered, severing the Brachial nerve, leaving my upper extremities completely paralyzed.  I was told that I needed spinal reconstruction & that there was a no guarantee even then that I would regain the use of my arms or hands. I asked for a second opinion & received the same response. I sought a third opinion & a fourth but the consensus was the same. I noticed a deep awareness within me growing & knew it was time for a meditation. I was guided by a profound clarity, a fierce inner knowing that said "tell them to remove all the bone fragments, the rest is between you and me". I didn't understand what that meant, but told the doctors that they had permission to remove the bone fragments & nothing more, the rest was between me & my maker. This shocked everyone, the doctor's scoffed at me saying I would never dress myself again, never feed myself, or drive a car. I would never wipe my own ass, or bathe myself. They told me that my concussion had knocked me silly & that I was not understanding the severity of the situation. They said that even with spinal reconstruction there would be a long road of physical therapy ahead & to consider trying to raise a child in this condition.  I knew they were just doing their job & had the best of intentions.  I thanked them for their opinion, but it was my decision. I was prepared to take responsibility for it. 

I spent 2 years in intensive and extensive physical therapy. I lived in a neck brace & specialized heat molded casts that immobilized my fingertips up to my armpits. This was the only way to allow the possibility of nerve regeneration. At the beginning I had .08 nerve conduction out of 100%. I had already been following Joe Dispensa's work & knew the implications of quantum healing.  After a year & a half I started to experience sensations of heat & cold. Ever so gradually I regained the sensations of rough, smooth & eventually I was able to reach further & further. Rotation was quite difficult, but came after what seemed to be a lifetime. I would not give up, I was fiercely driven to overcome this for my son & our future. I had come to far to be defeated by anything. My mother had finally left her abusive relationship & had been by my side throughout this endeavor. I was determined to trust the inner guidance guiding me & held precious the grace of knowing there was more to life than what was understood regarding the physical realm. Every ounce of progress turned into gratitude. At the three year mark I had regained 80% of my mobility & function, my case was unprecedented, a mystery. By the 4th year I was a medical marvel, a miracle as far as the original doctors were concerned. In truth I had simply trusted in & dedicated to the wisdom of my body and Sacred self. I am not special at all. I was simply willing to listen, align & honor the intuitive center within my being. Today I am pain free, completely mobile & functional without any limitations whatsoever. 

After this experience, my life became devoted to the personal wisdom achieved by discovering the concept of the healing power of the Divinity within. As I dove deep into this concept, a profound process of refining, integrating & unifying the Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine aspects began to take place within me which, at one point, accessing the synthesis of the 4 fundamentals I was then guided to offer. I integrate the wisdom of the many modalities I have studied, with the intuitive essence provided through my heart in a pure improvisational style. The results my clients report fuel me forward with a fearless trust in the process. I am dedicated empowering those who seek their illuminated state to self calibrate & self navigate by cultivating heart mind coherence. Consequently, they can celebrate & enjoy an authentic, abundant, rhapsodic adventure of a lifetime full of grand purpose.  


Every breath is a gifted learning experience & I the eternal student. My approach to individual & group calibrations reflects my extensive research background, practical application & certifications in Somatic & Neuromuscular Therapies, Unified Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, Cymatics, Integrative Nutrition & Herbal Remedies, Kinesiology & Functional Movement, Sports Specific Training & Rehabilitation, Yoga, Meditation, Breath work, Gene Keys & Human Design Modalities.


The visionaries & mentors I grandly respect & am most grateful for include the likes of Richard Rudd, Zach Bush, BLU, Sir Ken Robinson, Brene Brown, Nassim Harreim, Joe Dispensa, Depak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Paul Staments, Gregg Braden, Jacob Liberman, David Attenbourough, Danielle Rama Hoffman, Dolores Cannon, Kaia Ra, Teal Swan, Nikola Tesla, & Ester Hicks. 


I hold an unwavering passion for the Earth & all its inhabitants, infusing education & restoration into everything I devote my time & energy towards. I wholeheartedly believe that being completely honest & compassionate with oneself & others while remaining curious as the eternal child is essential to the process of authenticity & true radiance. I enjoy & encourage all to remain playful, creative, spending time with Nature & practicing stillness. 


I invite you to discover the wondrous magnitude of the wisdom within. You are here to shine! Each Souls journey is unique & significant to the greater good of all. I believe every life is a masterpiece & each Soul the visionary artist. What must be understood is the canvas is on a multidimensional level. 


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