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Bodywork, Nutrition & Life Coaching

After being paralyzed, going through emergency surgery & then 3 years of physical therapy with grim & limiting prognosis I met Carlotta. Her expertise guidance regarding nutrition, restorative exercise, as well as her hands on Neuro-Somatic therapy Has changed my life forever. I feel so blessed and grateful for her supportive coaching. Over the past year of working consistently with her, I have made incredible progress, from not being able to walk or balance myself with confidence beyond 3 or 4 steps to running on the beach & playing golf!  With her assistance, I have broke through major road blocks and have achieved remarkable  results such as significant decrease in overall neurological symptoms & muscle spasms. She taught me how to focus far beyond my physical body and why it is  essential to bring harmony between the mental, energetic & spiritual bodies creating a bridge which has empowered me to transform into my limitless, true self. I knew moving to Kauai would bring healing, but I had no idea it would lead me to someone of her caliber. She is my lifestyle Sensei! 

~Joe Mead


Restorative Wellness, Nutritional Coaching

I've learned so much from Carlotta, Her knowledge is widespread and shows how areas of life are related in ways I've never understood. She brightens the room every time she visits, and has a special way of encouraging a sense of inner strength that someone at my age (89) rarely feels. My body may be old & tired, but she keeps me going. I look forward to seeing her and miss her when she is away. She is my Angel. 


~ Janie McCallister

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