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Transformative Mentoring

Within Unity consciousness is the knowing that all are equal, significant & remarkably designed to thrive.


You are much more than your physical self.

Each of us emanate a unique signature frequency, a personal field of vibration through which our Souls dynamic vitality is experienced & expressed. 


aligning with your Prime Presence awakens your authentic self and cultivates genuine embodiment of clarity & harmony. This naturally ignites Your innate Divine blueprint, your gift to the world.


individuals & groups are offered

organic catalyzing empowerment sessions

personally customized to optimize the overall wellbeing &  path

of each Soul

session scheduling Details

 The Book online page & Calendar Availability option can be used to  schedule your session.


Coaching is available in single sessions as well as packages of 4 & 8 sessions.


all session requests require a free 45 min consultation


Once session is purchased, you will receive a confirmation email.

Gift Certificates are available for any of the above options

Group rates are determined by the size of the group. 

All sessions are available via Zoom meeting calls or in person if possible

Questions are welcome! Complete the info below or use the "Let's chat" option  


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