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Deep Dives reflects the intention to discover the underlying truths that expand our Souls in a wave of unifying awareness... Share in the Expansion of Light Encoded passages taken from several of our favorite Authors, Visionaries, Ascension leaders and innovators as we discuss them openly with curious hearts.

Deep Dives


White Light holds all the frequencies necessary for healing ourselves, our planet & all her precious creatures. It is Divine medicine for the Soul, empowering the heart, clarifying the mind & awakening your higher consciousness. We were born as this light, it is within you and all around you. It encourages, inspires & emboldens us to manifest our self healing & sacred purpose. This Livestream invites the Spirit of Gaia, her Queendoms of Animals, Elementals and Ancient Wisdoms to be called upon through a taro card pull FOR THE COLLECTIVE followed by an intuitively inspired conversation.

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achieving inner balance &  Harmonious Co~Creation 
Igniting the divine 

Discovering how to successfully self navigate towards your Prime Presence & ultimate state of well being. Experience true unconditional soul level nourishment. Exploring alternative approaches to everyday life & how to transform perceived challenges into opportunities of deep self awareness & profound development of impeccable personal integrity. Several series are offered within this Livestream including The Divine Aspects & correlating dynamics, Crystalline Consciousness & Homosanctos, Timeline Triangulation & Multidimensional embodiment, Signature Frequencies, Personal Archetype Blueprints & Collective Ascension,

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Lovelight Speaks is a Livestream Event celebrating everyday people who have dedicated their life to serve the betterment of humanity & the planet. Our guest speakers have found their unique way of creating harmonious & symbiotic relationships within their communities & offer listeners enriching wisdom, empowering practical tools & insightful perspectives that facilitate a broadened sense of self care, sustainability & personal sovereignty.

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