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Virtual Vitality Retreats

Essential restorative modalities bring you into alignment at your pace by empowering your prime presence with expertise guidance.


professional prerecorded sessions are individually customized for you to explore in the convenience of your own home.


with the intention to foster a deeply personal experience that inspires you to engage & embrace your relationship to Self care with a fresh and revitalized perspective. 

Enjoy the centering & clarifying results by starting with the foundational level of Breath work, Guided meditation, emotional clearing, Sound bath sessions & Elemental grounding techniques.  

Level up next with functional movement that promotes lengthening & strengthening through  modalities such as Yoga, Pilates & Thai chi & Keys of superfood nutrition

Celebrate your Souls wisdom and journey with Ancestral Lineage Liberation, DNA & Lightbody activations and Timeline Triangulation. 

As you delve into these Nourishing components your self awareness expands, you are able to appreciate all that you are & honor all that you dream to become. we are here to ensure you feel completely supported!




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