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Whether you've been in love for years or newly paired, life has its way of continually presenting circumstances that encourage us to raise the bar both personally & co creatively.  Here you are supported as a dynamic duo to explore how to best nourish yourselves and one other with exceptional clarity and sense of connection.  Learn to adapt as life's changes and challenges call you towards your Prime Presence with a deeply compassionate and attentive approach that transforms the relationship into a thriving, unified state.  

Couples Coaching                                                   $222

  90 min sessions offered individually, weekly & bi-monthly         via Zoom meeting.

Couples Bodywork course                               $888

Desire to have the confidence to give each other an effective, relaxing, and rejuvenating massage that creates remarkable emotional intimacy? This course is a fun loving avenue where both partners receive from each other while they are learning. You will be taught the basics of how to set up the table, importance of atmosphere including aromatherapy benefits & personal energetic preparations, key techniques and vocabulary, correct posture & positioning and most importantly how to cue & communicate effectively for an overall wonderful experience! Select from either a 1/2 day "workshop" or a 4 week (1 hr/week consecutively scheduled) option. 

Couples Coaching & Courses 

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