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The LightBody Cornerstones

The Lightbody Lifestyle is a uniquely personal experience designed to

calibrate & synchronize your complete being, revealing the ultimate embodiment of symbiosis as a flourishing Soul in service to the betterment of all life.  

The Four Cornerstones provide a pure reconciliation  of your authenticity through the integration of your Sacred Self.  Each cornerstone offers unparalleled liberation from the fractalization caused by external programming, Self sabotage and ancestral encoding.



Timeline Triangulation



 revealing precise insights that each individual holds deep within, but has yet to access in the present moment.  This empowering process allows one to accept, integrate & discern what is necessary for the next step in their personal evolution.


Your Prime Presence


the hallmarks of this process are personal integrity & impeccable self care.  a sacred space of divine neutrality is provided where you are fully supported in the exploration of your innermost aspects & reflections. this magnificent journey facilitates the elevation of your personal discernment & expansion. you are the primary creator of your timeline. your path cannot be one made by another. The further you travel within, the more apparent sense of awareness, acceptance & profound connection you develop with both inner & outer worlds. Each step you take cultivates an expanded state of self reliance, self respect & requires absolute accountability for oneself. 

Your Signature Frequency

within unity consciousness is the knowing that all are equal, significant & remarkably designed to thrive in every arena of your life.  You are much more than your physical self.  Each of us emanate a unique signature frequency,  a personal vibration through which our Souls vitality is experienced & expressed.


 Once aligned with your Prime Presence, The more authentic you become, the more clarity & harmony you embody. This naturally ignites Your innate Signature Frequency. You become an active beacon, a magnetic powerhouse, from which your aspirations are fueled and achieved with ease and grace.


Your Divine Blueprint


 each one of us has a specific calling & gifts that are waiting with anticipation to be ignited through the self-discovery process. as you step fully into your prime presence & activate your Signature frequency, you receive access to Your Divine Blueprint. The sacred encoding that holds all information of your Soul Streams experiences & expressions. At this level of embodiment you are able to recode on a quantum level, Clearing ancestral & past life karma, as well as become a conduit of Service to the collective healing. Here your contributions uplevel into the celebration of the emerging evolution of humanity.  


It IS safe for the Living Master within you to excel through unconditional Divine Love. You will recognize this when your heart validates that what you are reading is a truth it already knows.

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